A Dictionary of Cinema Quotations from Filmmakers and Critics: Over 3400 Axioms, Criticisms, Opinions and Witticisms from 100 Years of the Cinema

שם המחבר\ת: Stephen M. Ringler

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This compendium contains over 3,400 quotations from filmmakers and critics discussing their craft. About 1,850 film people are included - Bunuel, Capra, Chaplin, Disney, Fellini, Fitzgerald, Griffith, Kael, Kurasawa, Pathe, Sarris, Schwarzenegger, Spielberg, Waters and Welles among them. The quotes are arranged under such topics as acting, audience, budget, directing, locations, reviews, screenwriting and special effects. Indexing by filmmaker (or critic), film titles and narrow subjects provides a rich array of points of access for both film fans and scholars.


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הוצאה: McFarland & Co Inc

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