Werner Herzog

שם המחבר\ת: Werner Herzog

The great German film director Werner Herzog celebrated his 60th birthday in September 2002. This large-format volume provides an extensive appreciation of him in words and pictures. Swiss photographer Beat Presser worked together with Herzog and his favourite actor Klaus Kinski for many years. In 100 photographs that are in part spectacular he reveals the dynamism and rousing strenght of the great filmmaker. Companions like Volker Schlöndorff, Peter Berling, Herbert Achternbusch, Lena Herzog and Claudia Cardinale as well as Hans Helmut Prinzler provide their personal view of the Herzog phenomena. A Werner Herzog filmography together with a list of his opera productions rounds off the book.


Beat Presser (ed.)
Published at Jovis Verlag in co-operation with ARTE Deutschland TV GmbH

Out of print

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הוצאה: Jovis

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